The Speak Up Without Fear Audio Program

Proven Program Stops Anxiety in 5 Days – Guaranteed

It took me five years to get over my fears. You can do it in five days.

Let me tell you a bit about me. My name is Dave Braxton and I used to be terrified of speaking. I always avoided opportunities to speak and found that I would feel regret afterwards. If I did go and speak, then I felt uncomfortable. Either way I couldn’t win.

I decided to try to get over my nervousness and joined Toastmasters.  Toastmasters is a wonderful program that helps people become better at speaking, but to my surprise, it has nothing to do with getting over my anxieties.

After joining it took me 3 years before I even gave my first speech. Ouch. As you can guess, it was pretty pathetic. I forced myself to keep on going and eventually my speeches improved and I felt more comfortable.


For just $99.00 you get the 5 audio program plus 2 great bonus audios


Looking back, I wondered why it took so long to get over my fear of speaking. I wanted to find a better way. I found out the difference between getting over my fears and becoming a better speaker was like the difference between being good at jumping out of a plane and not being afraid of jumping out of a plane!

In fourth grade, my son refused to speak in front of his class. He was so upset that he left the classroom crying when he was called on. When I looked at my young son, the thought of him taking years to get over this made me want to find a better way.

I knew that others were able to get over their fears easily, but couldn’t figure out how.


Once I became a successful businessman running a multi-million dollar business, it was simply a matter of gathering the best experts to help me to resolve the age old problem of getting over the fear of speaking quickly.

Whether you are shy or extremely fearful of speaking in public, this program will change your life. You will get over your fear of speaking in public – PERMANENTLY. 

Imagine what your life will be like when your fear of speaking in public is gone.

  • Feel comfortable in social situations
  • Reduce anxiety at work
  • Feel calm and natural when speaking
  • Stop worrying 
  • Sleep better

The list goes on, doesn’t it?

UNTIL NOW the only way to overcome your fear of public speaking was to put yourself in lots of  uncomfortable situations and just get over it. Most people who are afraid of speaking in public join a local Toastmasters Group for this very reason. It’s common for people to spend years going to meetings trying to feel better by getting used to speaking in public.

Toastmasters is a great group designed to help you IMPROVE your speaking skills. Toastmasters is wonderful at what they do. Unfortunately toastmasters is not designed to help you to get over your fear at the subconscious level – where your fear resides. Only you can help yourself get over your fear of speaking in public.

Speak Up Without Fear locates and eliminates your fears quickly – where they reside: in your Subconscious Mind.

Click here for a detailed explanation of how Speak Up Without Fear works.

Sometime in your life something may have happened to cause you to have this fear of speaking. Some people remember their fear of speaking began in school when all eyes were on them.  Others develop this fear because of their internal worry about saying something wrong. Maybe someone else in your family had a fear of speaking in public.

Some people know when their fear of speaking began.  Some don’t. It really doesn’t matter.

What matters now is that you now have a choice. You can overcome your fear starting beginning today. 

 Speak Up Without Fear 7 MP3 Start Now Only $99.00



“After I was laid off I had a lot of phone interviews. Because I am very shy I couldn’t help my voice shaking because I was always nervous. I listened to Your Audio Program for one week and a few days later had another phone interview. For the first time I felt calm and I wasn’t nervous. I know that my confidence came from listening to the audios.

My shyness about speaking is gone and I am now finally comfortable talking with people. I know that my new confidence was one of the reasons I got hired. Thank you.”

LK, Phila, PA

Here is what will happen if you don’t


  • You will continue to be afraid.
  • You’ll find ways to avoid situations.
  • Others will get promoted and recognized at work.
  • You will continue to be stuck.

You can choose to stay the way you are –

or you can choose to overcome your fear of speaking in public NOW.

Many of our clients go to Toastmasters AFTER their fear of speaking is gone. Without the old crippling fear getting in the way, they can practice and learn to be the best speaker possible. We suggest that you go to Toastmasters to improve your speaking skills, after you get over your fear of speaking in public with Speak Up Without Fear.

You now have access to this amazing technology…
that will change the way you feel every time you speak in public.

Here’s what it will cost you to get over your fear of speaking:

Dale Carnegie: Get Rid of the Fear of Public & Horror of Speaking: $1,595

Public Speaking Skills Seminars: $1,590

Speak Up Without Fear: ONLY $99.

What if this program is the one thing you need to get over your fear? For only $99 you can feel more comfortable and natural every time you speak. If you don’t buy this now, bookmark this page so you can get back to it when you are ready to get over your fear of speaking in public.

START NOW. (Choose CD or USB format)  Speak Up Without Fear 7 MP3. Only $99.00



Speak Up Without Fear isn’t for everyone. There are some people who will feel more comfortable trying to get over their fear of speaking by practicing. These people will practice speaking in public over and over. The hope is that each time their fear of speaking will bother them less and less. Does this work? Yes, but it can take years of painful practice until your fear subsides.

There is an easier, proven way to overcome your fear of speaking in public.

Dear Wendy,

I wanted you to know how much I have benefited from your program “Speak Up Without Fear.” I started your audio program the end of February and listened to it regularly throughout the spring and then before each time I was scheduled to speak during the summer.

Not only have the audios relieved my fear of the speaking – but the emails that come with tips have also been very helpful. “Your audience wants you to succeed” is my favorite. I love, love the voice on the audios (have been assuming it might be you – but whomever it belongs to – it is so very soothing and loving that I feel good the minute I start listening. Sometimes if I am particularly rushed and a bit stressed I stop and listen to any one audio and it both calms and rejuvenates.

So I thank you and your partner for developing and offering this program. I think it is terrific!


Dianna Harris, Spokane, Washington

If you want to get over your fear of speaking FAST, you can order your MP3s now and in 5 short days – you’re done. Your fear of speaking in public will no longer affect you.

Now I know this sounds amazing. Even a bit weird. But here’s a fact: you can change your feelings fast.

For example, take a moment and think of a time when you were angry or frustrated. Maybe you were frustrated with a friend or relative. In the middle of your frustration, your phone rang. You quickly picked your phone up and in a cheerful voice, said “Hello!”

This is a perfect example of changing your feelings quickly. What happened in your subconscious mind is what happens when you listen to the Speak Up Without Fear MP3 Program. Your thoughts and feelings shift quickly – at the subconscious level- and this is how you overcome your fear of speaking in public.

In 5 DAYS you will:

Be calm and confident every time you speak in public.
Feel less stress.
Interview confidently.
No longer have a fear of speaking in public.
Be a natural and comfortable speaking in public – permanently.


Here’s what you get in the FULL Speak Up Without Fear 7 MP3 Set:

  1. Audio #1  Stress Eliminator: Allows you to relax to help your subconscious mind accept new thoughts about speaking in public.
  2. Audio #2  Erase Fears Now: Like a missile, this audio seeks out and eliminates all old and new fears about speaking in public.
  3. Audio #3  Powerful Change Generator: This MP3 installs your new thoughts and feelings so you feel calm about speaking in public.
  4. Audio #4  Inner Motivation: Allows you to make changes in your life now that you can speak comfortably.
  5. Audio #5  Double Your Confidence: Old energy that was used to maintain your fear of speaking is now directed towards increasing your confidence at home and at work.

BONUS 1 : Instant Confidence: Use this powerful MP3 to BOOST your confidence the day you are speaking.

BONUS 2: Eliminate Fear Affirmations: Scientifically designed affirmations are repeated to reinforce your new thoughts and feelings now that you have overcome your fear of speaking in public.

Thank you very much for your SpeakUpWithoutFear MP3 Program that helped me feel calm and relaxed. If I were going to compare myself to the first time I spoke during my ice breaker speech…When the Toastmaster of the Day called my name, my heart was pounding fast and I was not relaxed.  But today when the Toastmaster of the day called by name I thought to myself that “I feel relaxed and calm.”

It was indeed a sign of becoming a better speaker. I need to work on to my voice modulation, eye contact and maximizing the use of stage. Gradually, I will become a natural and comfortable speaker!

Now that I am calm when I’m called on for tabletopics, I am able to stand up and be comfortable.

Once again!  Thank you very much!
More power to your endeavors!

Sincerely yours,

BELINDA BALCEI, Digerati Toastmasters Club, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

We combined our expertise of over 45 years of knowledge in the field of Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Public Speaking Fear Elimination, and Positive Visualization so you can now get over your fear of speaking in public easily and quickly.

We know how busy you are so we’ve packed everything you need in short 15 minute MP3s.

I just want to let you know what happened to me. I hadn’t even finished the program and I noticed that things were changing for me.

Last week I met a bunch of new people at a wedding. In the past I always felt uncomfortable, awkward and anxious in social situations when I didn’t know anyone.

What happened was that I felt comfortable with strangers for the first time in my life. It was easy for me to talk to new people and I was surprised that I even initiated conversations. For the first time it felt natural for me to talk to strangers and find common ground.

This was a side benefit that I didn’t expect. You have a great program. I wish I had listened to this 20 years ago.    Chad Barone, Wayne, PA

Just imagine, in less time than it takes to finish a cup of coffee,
you can rewire your thoughts and get over your fear of speaking in public.

Over a year later and hundreds of hours creating and testing, we put the final touches on Speak Up Without Fear.
But would it work? It was time to put it to the test.

We gathered a group of people who were nervous and uncomfortable speaking in lots of different situations. We asked them to come to our office. After explaining how the 5 Part Speak Up Without Fear program works, everyone agreed to test the Speak Up Without Fear MP3s.

One young woman was so shy she was even extremely nervous during phone interviews. Another had been uncomfortable in social situations for years. An executive who was part of the group always panicked the night before any presentation.

We gave them the 5 Part Speak Up Without Fear program and asked them to listen to it and come back in a week.

After spending hundreds of hours creating this program, I was nervous. We wanted it to work. We created this to help people just like you to get over their fear of speaking in public. It was hard to be patient and wait for the results.

Every person in our test group experienced positive changes. Even the people who didn’t believe it would work for them!

How does it work? Click here for a detailed explanation of the science behind Speak Up Without Fear.

No one day training program and no hypnosis Audio contains the powerful thought changing tools that we packed into our MP3s.

We have created the most effective audios in the industry and now you have the tool to Speak Up Without Fear forever!

This 5 Part Audio program that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Starting NOW.

Have you avoided situations?

When you need to present or speak to others for your job, your fears can cause major difficulties.

  • Your fear of speaking can put you at risk of loosing a sale.
  • Your fear of speaking can even be the reason that you are overlooked for promotions.
  • Your fear of speaking can even cost you tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your carer.

It’s time for you to get over your fear of speaking in public NOW.

You need a quick solution to get over your fear of speaking. If you don’t do it now, then when?

Our 5 part audio program targets your inner mind and ELIMINATES your fear of speaking FAST
– in your mind at the SUBCONSCIOUS level.

The secret to getting over your shyness, fear, and anxieties about speaking is to address your thoughts and feelings where they exist – in your mind.

In your mind, when your thoughts change, your feelings will automatically change. Speak Up Without Fear will eliminate your thoughts about your fear of speaking and replace those thoughts with a feeling of calm whenever you speak.

Speak Up Without Fear eliminates ALL shyness and fear about speaking and increases your confidence FAST.

Here’s what this amazing audio program will do for you:

  • Reinforce your comfort level and desire to speak up – anywhere, anytime.
  • Easily eliminate all fear of speaking permanently.
  • Quickly release all inner reactions to old negative thoughts, fears, and experiences related to speaking.
  • Automatically strengthen your confidence when speaking.
  • Reinforce your desire to become a natural and calm speaker.
  • Be confident every time you speak in public.
  • Feel comfortable speaking to individuals, small, and large groups.
  • IMMEDIATELY boost your confidence and gain control over negative and fearful thoughts.

Unlike other programs you won’t spend hours needlessly practicing or writing to try to identify the cause of your fears.

All you do is find a comfortable chair, turn on your MP3 and relax and listen. It’s this simple.

Speak Up Without Fear is guaranteed to “rewire” and eliminate all fear and anxieties about speaking up in public.


GUARANTEED. Or your money back. No questions asked.

Imagine what it will be like when you get more recognition at work.

Imagine how much better you’ll feel when you can speak up comfortably.

If you pass this up, WE GUARANTEE you’ll continue to feel the way you’ve been feeling.

Our business and personal reputation is important to us. We have consistently helped thousands in our office and decided that it is now time to share this with you.

We’ve made it easy for you to get over your fear of speaking.

We stand behind our audios 100%. We know what it feels like to have a fear of speaking in public. We offer an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee because we want you to get over your fear of public speaking today. 

We GUARANTEE that Speak Up Without Fear will change your life. No more standing on the sidelines because of your fear of speaking. No more staying home by yourself because you are afraid to speak to new people. No more being passed over for promotions because you can’t speak calmly in public.

We stand behind our guarantee that our 5 Part Audio Program will eliminate your fear of speaking in public in 1 WEEK. Or your money back. No questions asked.

You’ve got nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. Start IMMEDIATELY to get over your fear of speaking in public now. 

Speak Up Without Fear 5 MP3 plus 2 bonus audios…  $199.00  Only $99.00



P.S.: Remember, you’ve got nothing to lose with our 100% Risk-Free 60 day Guarantee, but to finally feel comfortable speaking anywhere to anyone!

We are privileged to be part of your success!

Dave and Wendy

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