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Why Synapse-Stream Technology™ Works Quickly

Our programs are guaranteed to harness the power of your own mind to overcome your fears and self-limitations. Just as your mind can become programmed to fear situations, objects, and actions, it can also be programmed to eliminate those fears and replace them with feelings of calm and confidence.

There are many different methodologies that can be used to “re-program” the way your mind processes how you to feel about certain things and situations. Hypnosis, Auto Suggestion, Visualization, Guided Imagery, Meditation and Neuro-Lingustic Programming, are a few. At High Performance U, we have developed our own proven blend of these very effective techniques into a methodology that we call Synapse Stream Technology™.

Speak Up Without Fear FAQ’s

What is Synapse-Stream Technology?

Synapse-Stream Technology™ is a proprietary blend of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), direct and indirect suggestions, hypnotic visualization, future progression, and fear elimination language; all of which bypass your analytical mind to permanently reprogram your thoughts.

Intensive research has proven that humans have limited willpower to change their thoughts and beliefs. Synapse-Stream Technology eliminates the need for willpower and uses the powerful subconscious mind for permanent positive change.

Simply put, it is a highly effective tool to help you not only eliminate your fears about speaking, it also programs your subconscious mind with 100% confidence and success.

Establishing New Patterns of Behavior

Behaviors and patterns are ingrained in our mind by the synapse which lay a coating of myelin. The myelin makes the neural path easier and easier to follow. The myelin sheath is primarily for the unconscious functions of our body such as heart beat and digestion. However it also creates paths for repeated thoughts and behaviors. This can work to your advantage and disadvantage by creating habits, good and bad. Synapse Stream uses the sub-conscience mind and imagination to create new paths and eliminate negative ones.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the use of language to help facilitate the change of your patterns of mental and emotional behavior.

Synapse-Stream Technology

In a nutshell, Neuro relates to the Mind (and how we hold information in the mind), Linguistic relates to Language, and Programming relates to our internal mental patterns and strategies.

Your current strategies get you what have now, and the use of NLP will shift those strategies so you can have what you want now, to be a confident and comfortable, natural speaker.

When used in Synapse-Stream Technology, the result is that your subconscious mind changes from feeling nervous and anxious and now actively chooses and desires to feel comfortable and natural in all speaking situations.

NLP’s roots originated from the work of Virginia Satir, an accomplished psychotherapist, and Milton Erickson, a world famous psychiatrist. HPU uses the NLP Modeling approach of including all known positive feelings and experiences of accomplished and comfortable speakers. When you listen to your Calm Your Nerves MP3s, not only are you getting rid of your old and subconscious fears, you are actually instilling the positive components of effective and comfortable speakers.

Click HERE for actual testimonials from people who have listened and found that their lives changed almost immediately.

Guided Imagery

You will experience guided imagery and focused thoughts which allow the subconscious mind to accept positive suggestions and enable you to eliminate all fears related to speaking in public. Once all fears have been eliminated you will find it easy to speak in any situation and no longer experience nervousness, anxiety, pounding heart and other uncomfortable feelings.

Our Programs

Listen for just 15 minutes at a timeOur programs consist of a series of audio files in MP3 format that you download and listen to in the comfort of your own home, at a time that is convenient for you. These MP3s utilize the language and visualization needed to help you to overcome your fears permanently. By listening and choosing to allow your mind to accept positive thoughts, your mind begins the process of creating new neural pathways. Repetition of the MP3s is key to reinforcing your neural pathways, which allow you to experience feeling comfortable and natural in all speaking situations.

Speak Up Without Fear FAQ’s

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