Is this program all about affirmations?

Affirmations are only a small part of Speak Up Without Fear MP3s

Listening to affirmations is the final part of the program, which is designed to reinforce your new thought patterns. The Affirmation audio is the last part of the program and can be used anytime and anywhere you like.

Is this hypnosis?

The most noticeable similarity to hypnosis is that listening to the Terminate Your Fear of Speaking in Public MP3 can quickly bring you into a relaxed trance. Therefore you must not listen when you are driving a car or operating any machinery.

Our Synapse-Stream technology uses hypnotic language patterns along with additional proven tool which are designed to permanently eliminate old thought patterns about speaking in public.

Do I have to believe this will work for it to work?

No. You do have to want it to work. The Synapse Stream Technology works bypassing your conscious beliefs to allow your mind to accept positive thoughts, eliminate your fears and improve your confidence.

How will my skepticism affect the outcome?

Your skepticism will not affect your outcome. Your DESIRE affects your outcome.  If you do not want this to work, it will not work.

Will these affirmations help me if I only feel nervous speaking to one specific person?

Yes. The Terminate Your Fear of Speaking in Public program will help you whether your issue is with one person, 100 people or more.

Is it OK to stop listening to an audio before the end?

Yes. Nothing will happen. Just start again at the beginning.

If there is an emergency while I am listening to an audio, will I know?

Yes. You are not “under” nor have you “lost control”. You will be aware of everything around you.

Is it OK if I am aware of my thoughts?

Yes, just let them flow in and out. They will be there whenever you need them.

Is this program permanent?

Yes. When the fear of speaking in public has been eliminated, it’s impossible for that fear to come up again. Just as no one can MAKE you become afraid of all yellow cars, no one can make you be afraid of something once it has been eliminated.

How much time does the program take?

Most people listen to each audio at least 2 times. In under a week, you can overcome your fears!

Do I need to listen to the audios in order?

Yes. Each audio BUILDS on the prior audio. After you have listened to all the audios, you can go back and review any audios you choose.

What happens if I miss a morning or a day?

It’s not a problem if you miss a few days. You can safely begin again where you left off.

What am I going to be listening to?

Synapse-Stream Technology™ is a proprietary blend of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), direct and indirect suggestions, future progression, hypnotic language patterning, specific fear elimination suggestions which are designed to bypass your critical programming and permanently change your neural pathways to eliminate old thought patterns about speaking in public.

I’m more sales-oriented. Will this help me with one-on-one sales presentations?

Yes. The HPU Program is designed to help you feel comfortable with one person, 10, 100, or even 1000 people or more.

Does this address my resistance to making cold calls?

Yes! Eliminating your resistance to making cold calls is contained in the audio program DOUBLE YOUR SALES.

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