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Wendy Merron
, Board Certified Hypnotist and David Braxton Certified Hypnotist are the principals of High Performance U (HPU). The mission of HPU is to bring you concise powerful programs that are proven to help you rapidly and easily make personal changes. During the creation of new products, we bring together expert teams of successful executives, managers, coaches, and public speaking consultants. Every program created at High Performance U has been rigorously tested and is guaranteed to impact your life rapidly and effortlessly.

Wendy Merron, Coach, Board Cert.Hypnotist


Over the years we have coached  hundreds of business men and women who strive to succeed in their professional and personal lives, but still seek more fulfillment. They have come to us to for professional coaching, and even to overcome their fears about speaking.

Most in-house HPU clients have spent thousands of dollars for personal coaching and have achieved and even exceeded their goals. From improved job performance, exceeding sales goals, and changing jobs to increase income and satisfaction. Our coaching program has impacted their lives in profound ways.

Dave Braxton, Coach, Cert. NLP Practitioner

At High Performance U we believe that change can be rapid and easy. Clients who are aligned with these beliefs have the ability to exceed their expectations.

High Performance U provides the structure and tools for your improved success to happen.

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