America’s Most Common Fears

The fear of public speaking is called glossophobia.  It is defined as speech anxiety. According to the average person, public speaking is one of the most common fears they can pinpoint.

In a recent survey, noted that 15 million Americans have a social phobia like public speaking.  It was named in their list as one of the 9 most common fears of Americans.  In fact, comedian Jerry Seinfeld joked that most people would be happier in the casket at a funeral than the one giving eulogy.

The fear of public speaking often gets in the way of personal success in careers and personal relationships.  Most careers require at least some form of public speaking, whether it‘s to clients, prospects or other employees and co-workers.

Public speaking fears are common. These fears get in the way of so many personal and social successes. For those people who work hard for many years to overcome the fear of speaking, they are rewarded with positive changes.

Many people have exhausted other technique-based methods for overcoming speaking fears such as group meetings like Toast Masters and professional courses.

These groups teach the persistence method of repetition and reinforcement but the fundamental problem is psychological.

The techniques that are learned are a long term solution to the physical and emotion effect of the fear.  Are they effective? Absolutely. ToastMasters is an amazing group. Unfortunately this route is extremely time consuming.

Wouldn’t it be more efficient to get over your fears and spend more time on improving your presentation skills?
We think so.

Many people experience “butterflies” in their stomachs, a shaky voice and hands, and a red or blushed face.  So to truly overcome the fear quickly and efficiently one must get to the root of the problem and erase it from the inside out.



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